Sleepless nights, Tchaikovsky and Pink Hair

Hello Chums!

So finally our fresh, spanking new website is here. We’ve
aimed to make it easy on the eye while keeping it squished to the brim with
info. Things you should definitely be checking out on here are as follows:

‘Shows’ page – Tour starts in 6 WEEKS! See the new dates
with Amanda Palmer and Duke Special.

‘The Ruined’ page – This page is about YOU!

‘Photography’ – Take a gander at our new snaps.

‘Biography’ – We’ve updated our biog and added personalised
biogs too.

Did you see the countdown clock on the way in??? (more on
that later – stay tuned to this blog)

Anyway, after all of the excitement of the new tour dates,
Ben and I are now in panic mode. We need to book about 22 hotel rooms, a ferry,
hire a van, find support acts, order merch…oh my, the list just goes on and
on. We’ve been staying up soooo late every night to bring this all together.

On a lighter note, on Saturday night we held a ‘House
Show’, which is simply, a gig in our house. We put up 20 tickets at £35 each
and made sure that only the most dedicated Ruined came…and boy, they did. The
night was phenomenal, we played ONLY new songs and, though they were rough, we
were happy. This album will rock your socks off and back on again. People
brought their own wine and we provided picnic blankets, sweeties and name
tags…also, our dog ‘Tchaikovsky’ joined in the celebrations. It was a blast,
but it was tiring. We may do it again. We may not. We invited questions and the
questions we amazing, thought provoking things. You guys are THE BEST fans!

I (Georgia) have dyed my hair an even brighter shade of
pink. Not sure I’ll keep it this way for tour, but thought you might all like
to see ‘casual’ me. Ben needs to be encouraged to do it too!

So, enjoy this space guys, sign up to everything…you know,
the mailing list, RSS, facebook, twitter….everything to keep up to date.
Special thanks to Ben for designing the website, Scott
Chalmers and Joe Shepherd for providing beautiful photos. Karim Fanous for
great advice. Thanks to everyone who came to the house show and to everyone who
has or will buy a ticket for a show. Thanks to Mark Withers, Peter Regan and
Sian Fever for the music videos, thanks to anyone who appears in The Ruined
photo gallery and special thanks to people who have donated money, wine, food,
shelter, advice, promotion and love. (check out some of these people on our
links page)

Over and out

G & B

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